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Juicy Seeds

June 3, 2009

Juicy Seeds Aroma Bag

Today I listed my first bag on my Etsy site, Enchanted.  This bag is so cute, I had a hard time giving it up!

It’s made of someone else’s linen remnants, so I feel really good about creating something beautiful, that utilizes something that might otherwise have gone to waste.  And Maramiki’s hand printed fabrics are much too beautiful to go in the trash!

At the spur of the moment, I added some little vintage glass beads that I had purchased from one of my absolute favorite stores, French General.  The beads look like little seeds, and I love the effect!

In every project bag I own, I drop in a sachet of lavender. Not only does it repel pests, but it smells great.  So I came up with the idea of bags that already contain pest repelling scents.  Did some research, and invented my own blend that smells like the foothills here in California.  My husband and I used to mountain bike ride, (before child), and the scent of the sun baked hills in the summer was intoxicating.  I hope my bags bring a hint of the evocative scent of the hills to whom ever purchases them, and for a moment sends them on a enchanted, sun-warmed journey.

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