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To The Market We Will Go

June 15, 2009

3629340118_9d80375465Last day, Mommy and me went to the farmer’s market!” shouted Amalie.  Every previous day, be it a week ago, or yesterday, is “last day” to her.  Living in the moment, that’s what she does.

I think adults have lost that ability, except perhaps in brief bits.  I enjoyed one of those little moments when time stands still, just for a second, and alows you to savor the moment at the Sunday Farmer’s Market, with Amalie. What fresh bright colors are in the stalls, glowing like tasty jewels!  I couldn’t resist buying some fruit, and taking a couple of pictures.3629337890_5570df995c


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  1. June 17, 2009 8:09 am

    What a cute pic of Amalie, she’s had he hair cut! Lots of interesting things in markets, I love a day out in them.

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