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March 10, 2010

Friendship: one attached to another by affection or esteem.

I consider myself fortunate indeed to have a wonderful circle of friends. Some are casual relationships, while a handful are close friends. Those close friends are my mainstay. People whose shoulders I can cry on, that laugh at my stupid jokes, that don’t mind my rather tactless comments. I try my best to be a staunch and loyal friend in return. I have known some of my best friends for many years. Others are new friendships, but fit into my life so smoothly, I know they are there to stay. I haven’t met all of these good friends in person. Some of them live thousands of miles away, but thanks to the internet, we visit often on a daily basis.

Recently, one of my good friends surprised me with a birthday gift. The thoughtfulness of her gesture touched my heart. She sent me a couple of vintage trinket boxes, intended to hold little treasures in my favorite spot, my art studio. Inside a lovely blue jar, I placed my antique hand painted buttons. Beauty secreted away inside beauty. Almost as beautiful as friendship.

Another one of my lovely friends just had a birthday. I know she would enjoy nothing more than a skein of hand-spun yarn. Dyed in her favorite colors, this super soft merino wool is in the process of being spun into a three-ply lace weight yarn. She will enjoy knitting with it, and I will be gratified to see it made into a lovely creation. A token of affection from one friend to another.

Thank you Elaine, for a wonderful birthday gift, and most of all for the gift of your friendship.

Barb, Happy Birthday! I look forward to our evolving friendship.

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  1. March 14, 2010 10:45 pm

    You deserve something special on your birthday. Since you’ve been having such a terrible time lately, I hope that the birthday gifts will make you smile everyday and think of me 🙂 Friendship is a beautiful thing, we must treasure.


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